Roni Games announces the beginning of the production of Twerk Hero 2: More Jiggle.

A sequel to the popular game Twerk Hero: A Dance Game, which builds upon the twerking foundation of the first game and expands it with way more characters, customization, dances, money, influence and power! Not only you’ll be able to create your own human and outfit him with all kinds of clothes, but also you’ll be able to twerk and dance with real, sci-fi and fantasy characters of all kinds!

You begin your story as an amateur dancer and you have to twerk your up to the world of best dancers and most elite venues, even maybe go beyond this world… Work hard, buy new clothes, new homes and learn new dances while gaining the admirations of billions.

Twerk Hero 2: More Jiggle will be out Q3 2022, on PC and Mobile.