Office Tycoon Madness

Office Tycoon Madness is a game which really started Roni Games. It’s a game about humans and their needs and feelings and bodies and everything which happens in an office environment. No tables or sheets, just humans in this management sim! It will be done some day in the future.

Twerk Hero 2: More Jiggle Teaser

Roni Games announces the beginning of the production of Twerk Hero 2: More Jiggle. A sequel to the popular game Twerk Hero: A Dance Game, which builds upon the twerking foundation of the first game and expands it with way more characters, customization, dances, money, influence and power! Not only you’ll be able to create…

Dungeon Raider is Live!

Last week we released Dungeon Raider for PC and Mobile. It is a Hardcore Endless Hack’N’Slash Runner with RPG elements and lots of potential. You meet monsters, you beat them, you encounter traps, they beat you. Unlock more powerful weapons to proceed further. You can download the game here: