Developer: Roni Games Founded on: 03.10.2021 in Sofia, Bulgaria, press contact: simeon@ronigames.com, Social: https://www.facebook.com/ronigamescompany,  Releases: Paint Balloon, Twerk Hero, Dungeon Raider, Dance Hero: More Jiggle


Roni Games is a Bulgarian independent studio consisting mostly of Slavi Stoev and Simeon Denev. Active as a studio since 2021. We make original, if strange, games with lot of ideas usually crammed into them. 


Simeon Denev started as a QA in Gameloft, then was a Game Designer and PM in Big Loop Studios, won Sofia Game Jam and then kept moving in the IT industry, until he decided to form his own studio in 2018. His first idea was Office Tycoon Madness, and still is his first idea.  He found couple of designers, changed several developers, until he decided to focus on something more realistic. So, he tried (after leaving his last job), in 2020, to start with his newly found enthusiastic developer and his fellow designers to develop a small mobile game, while also looking for money. 

In the summer of 2020 they participated in some Ukrainian game jam, which they didn’t win, but attracted the attention of Voodoo.io. From that game jam Paint Balloon was born, and they were already developing Twerk Hero. Twerk Hero achieved very good results with Voodoo, but never reached a publishing deal, as the team wanted to focus on something closer to them, so they started making Dungeon Raider. In the spring of 2021, they got contacted by Sony Music to make a version of Twerk Hero for Lil Nas X. This is also when Slavi Stoev, a graduate from Saxion University of Applied Sciences, became the second permanent team member of Roni Games. Тhe collaboration with Sony Music was a great success, they made some money and continued working on Dungeon Raider throughout 2021. 

In 2022, they received a small funding from a local venture fond to make a sequel of Twerk Hero, called Dance Hero: More Jiggle. Instead of shelfing, it was decided to release Dungeon Raider to see if people like it. This money was soon expended, prompting the team to engage in client projects, namely Tivoros and Melotune, mathematics battle game and a guitar learning app. In the spring of 2023, they received another small funding from a private investor. Dance Hero: More Jiggle was released in August 3rd, 2023 for PC and Mac on Steam.





  • Simeon Denev – CEO and Game Designer
  • Slavi Stoev – Game Developer
  • Other people